We are constantly trying to write code that easier for a human to comprehend. These high-level languages gave us the power of expression. And we like this!

We want more expression, and safety in the code we write; but we also want code that humans can understand and reason about. So what if we re-think our current software stack? And have humans evaluate other human’s code.

carbn is a Humans-as-a-Service, cutting edge technology that makes your code run in the distributed brains of our agents.


Discovering Crystal

I was working with Ruby on Rails on a project with other very skilled Ruby and Rails developers. As many others working with Ruby, we liked it’s syntax, it’s ease of use, it’s dependencies (gems) but had some issues with it. Every programming language does. As luck would have it, I was also in close contact with some very vociferous advocate of Crystal. You can imagine, with the tagline: “Fast as C, Slick as Ruby”, I was hooked. #xpost

Deckchecks, Heuristics, and Decision Trees

One of the tools judges employ to thwart attempts to cheat is to require players to write down what cards they will be playing within a particular tournament, and routinely check them. Judges must perform these checks the fastest way possible to not delay the tournament. As such, they developed a myriad of techniques. I feel we under-use the availability of the decklist, so having a clear plan ahead of actually getting the deck in our hands can prove highly effective. In this post, I would like to explore some techniques' inner workings. Propose a hypothesis on why they might work in some situations but not others. Consider unexplored alternatives. And build a heuristic on what method is better for each circumstance. Join me! #mtg


¿Te pasa de querer programar algo y no saber que? tengo un bloqueo de ideas hace tiempo, quiero hacer algo con xxx y no se me ocurre qué hacer. #xpost

Haskell para mentes imperativas

En este post quiero explorar algunas cosas que creo que me hubiesen servido para aprender Haskell. Teniendo una base en algún lenguaje imperativo, usar esta para programar en Haskell. #xpost

koncierge Una librería para segmentar usuarios

La historia de una librería para evaluar variantes de tests AB, dado una definición de un experimento con un DSL parecido a Mongo y un contexto. #xpost