Dataloader, from the ground up

Ever heard of “dataloader”? From the simplest implementation to a batching and caching design pattern. Let’s dive into a brief tour of understanding this useful device.


Implementing Google OAuth to use Google API in Cloudflare Workers

In this blog-post, we'll go over the setup process and code required to implement a OAuth 2.0 flow, from the ground up, using Cloudflare Workers, their KV, and the Google API. #xpost

On costs, graphs and integrals

Yet another tool to pick a technology. How does the cost of the choice evolve over the complexity? Is there a one-solution-fits-all? In this blog post, we’ll delve into some visualization to understand the difference between choosing Java, Haskell, Hibernate, Ruby on Rails, or drop programming altogether for a no-code approach. Let’s dive into the world of optimizations, integrals, and many many graphs! #rambling #coding

Why Do I Write?

I have much room for improvement where it comes to communicating. A tool I think can help me with it is writing a blog entry every so often about things I care about. This blog is just that. A training ground. My training ground. #rambling

Desire Driven Development

Long have I heard and reaped the benefits of Test Driven Development. But I'm starting to sense that much of the material written and explained about TDD is by fanatics. In this post I'll explore my own take on TDD, and the journey → Desire Driven Development. #rambling #coding


We are constantly trying to write code that easier for a human to comprehend. These high-level languages gave us the power of expression. And we like this!

We want more expression, and safety in the code we write; but we also want code that humans can understand and reason about. So what if we re-think our current software stack? And have humans evaluate other human’s code.

carbn is a Humans-as-a-Service, cutting edge technology that makes your code run in the distributed brains of our agents.